Desperately seeking

an e-book. You wouldn’t know how hard sometimes finding some brilliant literature is. I wanted to read the book of Battle Royale, novel, not the comics/manga, by Takami Koushun. (or actually, reversed word order in English). I’ve looked almost everywhere- on forums about e-books if noone wanted it before (only one person I found did. Said person didn’t meet with success, though.), on Torrents, on yahoogroups and livejournal… Nada.  I have to look through eMule and DC++
yet, but I am doubtful I will meet with any sifnificant success. BookCrossing community doesn’t have an idea about this as e-book, my usual sources neither.

I tried googling with name of book, name of author, name of book and author together, ISBN number, in formats of .pdf, .doc, .html, .txt, in multiple languages. (English, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Russian, French, Japanese… those I am quite familiar with.) Nothing. I feel like giving up.

I don’t think I’m dishonest when looking for books like this. It simply means I can’t get said books- in my country, there virtually aren’t such books and international library cross doesn’t seem to work when I ask, and it would be too hard to obtain them through Amazon, shipping and stuff. Being an avid reader sucks at times, it really does.


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