A Storm

A Storm (n): Event of being strongly influenced by newly coming members.

What we call a Storm is when new member comes and brings some distress from their original world with themselves.
It is like if you had a friend and said friend was invited by you to come in where you live. Right, they come, but unluckilly, it’s been quite rainy outside and some mud, and they bring their mud to your house so you have
to clean it in order for your house to be clean.

That’s exactly that. Taking their own bargain that has to be worked on collectively to be not just understood, but send away from whoever is momentally fronting.
It is not hard per se.
It is not difficult, usually.
It is just annoying.

And we get such Storms often, so it causes us to blend, mix, become chaotic,
become unaware of who any of us is…

Sometimes it feels like there were not only none central
person but not even any person at all, no Id, no Ego, no anything else.
This is what the feeling was like this morning. Sometimes Storms are extreme. Sometimes not.

Someone can handle Storms better.
And sometimes, when the Storm hits, it doesn’t shake the universe…


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