New Words

of Power. Just kidding, is it really visible I’m a science-fic fan?

Anyways, I encountered two new words and thought we might start using them,
I have asked about that the coiner of them and she said yes.

There are definitions made by the original coiner herself:

Shake-ups — crises where everyone’s gone running and VANISHED, leaving whoever’s slowest and strongest in front permanently.

“Revolving door”

— We change around so fast that you can’t ever be sure who you’re talking to.

We would change the connotation slightly, though.
Crises where somebody vanishes are well known in here. And permanent fronting isn’t just for us. Nada nada.

Using the word as “went to do something funny and just vanished” might be useful, though.

The second word to be left unedited. Some of us, particularly within Earl’s Collective, know that so much.


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