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August 29, 2006

Today we had a quarrel, but it wasn’t as violent as it might sound. Firstly, when the body had awaken, there was noone that would take the wheel and and enjoy the ride. Sometimes these issues have to be sorted out first, speculating can come later. So one of the not-so-old members took it. Kitsune, thanks for help, we all needed this. She managed to take her work and have fun for about more than half a day.

Then afternoon the same situation arose, just varied slightly. Now said member needed to go to her space, which is a forest, with some urgent need of something. We had to find someone else who would take it, or take care about it ourselves. From those who usually do that, noone wanted. We had something more interesting to debate and do; an arrival of three or possibly more members, which formed from time to time and now seemed complete with their bodies and their body histories, and personalities back in such subjective bodies. This was a fine event. We handled the situation elegantly; one of the newly coming people just immediately went front, knew what to do, without losing a sense of his self identity.
We were baffled by his skills. He’s just the kind of guy that seems perfect, but more, he is not cold-hearted or does not appear that way, deeply caring about people around him.

He is a bit strange,
but not hateful and hate deserving as we thought.

On the end of the day, we watched movie together. Some of us, new guy, Cloud and yet someone. Body slept a while before watching, because new guy was talking to it, tuned in,
finding own inner space– space he can talk from easily without even lifting his pretty ass.

Day repooto ended, it was a nice day, all in all.


Other Obnoxious post

August 23, 2006

I so hate to write first posts, but it has to be done.
Nobody reads first posts, but  starting formally
is a good way to start.

I hope.

This blog… would be about something? What exactly?

kiSwahili poems, maybe some manga and anime, maybe some Japanese novels and reading in general.
Hopefully not politics, maybe some human rights notes,
maybe some notes about music, definitely about something that interests me.

Something about multiplicity, trying to sort things with plurality out.

Maybe something about drugs and medicine, as well, links to interesting on-topic articles or I don’t know.
Just general jazz that nobody likes .)